File 056: Dukeries Thinkbelt (19) Dwg No 278

Hucknall Transfer Area
A road-DTb rail-air link providing facilities for rapid exchange of personnel or lightweight goods from DTb to national or international networks.
Work accommodation for students and staff (single floor) leading directly to rail-based laboratory and servicing gantries traveling over and providing access to a zone reserved for short-term portable enclosures.
Provision is made for banking the gantries for linked use. High-level partial enclosure can be created between gantries. A monorail goods feed joins the two blocks to an inspection, storage and customs hall connected to the accommodation block and road/rail link.

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Hucknall transfer area (part), isometric
Plan of one of the Hucknall transfer areas
Diagrammatic cross-section of one of the Hucknall transfer areas
Perspective of one of the Hucknall transfer areas